What a night!


What a night last night (Wed 4th August). I will write more in a day or so.

The worship was awesome. The Holy Spirit’s presence was tangible through the whole of the evening. Ian taught and shared testimonies .

When he had finished teaching he asked us all to listen to God and if a picture came into our mind to come out the front and share it.

That was the start.

As people responded to the words of knowledge (in picture form) they were prayed for by the people who had the pictures and God healed them.

Within twenty minutes seven people were healed of major muscular and skeletal problems.

The power of God was tangible.

A young man (six weeks a Christian) had a picture through which 5 people were healed. He prayed and God healed. Awesome.

A young boy who, before the meeting,  had told his mum that he wanted to go to the meeting for God to heal his eyes so that he would not need wear his corrective spectacles was healed and now no longer needs the specs. Yes God!

One lady had serious back problems and God gave her a new portion of spine. We could see her posture change and her back straighten. She then walked without a stick.

One lady who struggled to walk without pain ended up running up up and down the central aisle to lots of applause and cheers for God.

Another lady who had more conditions than I can currently remember was also prayed for by a bunch of young children. God healed her.

In wonderful childlike fashion one young girl who was praying for a lady asked “Is she all healed yet?” When I said no but God was doing it, she gave a deep “hurry up” type stage sigh. I love it.

We will put more information in this post as the information comes in.

What a time with God.


Thank You Lord !

Ian Andrews in Horsham



On the evenings of Tuesday the 3rd and Wednesday the 4th August 2010 @ 7.30pm , Ian Andrews will be speaking and teaching in Horsham at the URC building in Springfield Road (Opposite the Catholic Church)….across Albion Way from the YMcA building. Please note the URC building only seats 120 people.

See the map at the bottom of this page for details

Contact Gary&Joyce Jenkins on 07973 118026 for more details.




Come and spend this time with Ian and and learn how you can effectively pray for the sick and see them healed.

Don’t miss this opportunity to receive teaching and impartation, and if necessary, healing. Take every opportunity available.

Ian has travelled in over 50 nations bringing the good news that every believer can and should be doing the works that Jesus sent His disciples out to do…..cure diseases, cast out demons and to heal the sick.

Ian’s primary burden in these days is to see the healing ministry restored and fully functioning in the body of Christ, so that everyone can move in healing.

Their focus is on equipping people and releasing the anointing so that they have the confidence, knowledge and faith to move ahead in praying for people and seeing them healed.

Thousands have received healing, when Ian teaches people how to pray effectively and then allows them to pray for each other.

This has happened across all Christian Church groups.



Ian flies out of the country again on Thursday morning.

So don’t miss this opportunity to attend these ‘hands on’ evenings that will envision, equip and inspire you to take healing OUT THERE ….on the streets, in your workplace, at home, in school…in fact everywhere you are because  He (God) will be with you.